Swift  Security, Inc. provides our community with superior 24/7 guarded gate security.  Swift provides us with an effective, well trained professional staff to ensure that our community is one of the safest in Palm Beach County.

 A volunteer organization with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
Our first line of defense against crime in Ponte Vecchio is our COP Team – Citizen Observer Patrol. We patrol our community streets as the eyes and ears of the Sheriff’s Office. Our COP Unit is a major crime deterrent, helping to make our community one of the safest in our area.
Together we can make our community even safer by increasing our membership which will add more coverage to our patrols.
We are all volunteers who want to give something back to the community we call home by donating 3 hours a week of our time to the program.
Please do join us.
To Volunteer for the COP program, please contact Captain Sy Donner
Email: Sy Donner