Amenity Rules

The Property Manager may limit access to amenities for any resident who fails to abide by the following rules or disobeys the monitors:
Residents must enter the area wearing a mask and check in with the monitor on duty.
Social distancing is required at all amenities.
Residents must supply their own chairs.
Absolutely no visitors are allowed at any amenity.
Residents may reserve a one-time slot/day at the pool and one slot/day at the courts.
Reservations are for the assigned time slot only, please enter and exit promptly.
No walk-ins are permitted. (see Reservations below).
All players must wear appropriate court sneakers - No running shoes.
Pickleball slots are for 60 minutes and tennis slots are for 90 minutes.
For singles, up to three residents may sign up for one court.
For doubles, up to five residents may sign up for one court.
Substitute players for prearranged matches may fill in during a second-time slot if
needed. Names of all players must be updated on the website Sign-Up page.
Spectators must wear masks at all times and adhere to social distancing guidelines.
Pool slots are limited to 90 minutes, maximum of 16 people per time slot including aides.
Residents are required to leave once their time slot has expired.
Those entering the pool should wait until the time slot begins so the patio is clear.
Each resident may use only one-time slot per day.
Residents sitting on the pool deck must wear a mask at all times.
Yield to lap swimmers during the designated time slots for the safety of all residents.
Amenities can be reserved on PV's website Sign-Up page beginning each Saturday at 9:00 am for the following week Monday - Saturday. Look for the link on the weekly email reminder or go to our website. The entry code is PV2021. Please cancel any reservations you are unable to keep. The names of all participants including substitutes when necessary must be listed on group reservations.
Reservations are also permitted by emailing Monday - Friday at 9:00 am for the following day for those who cannot use the on-line system. Reservations for Saturday and the following Monday should be emailed on Friday. Those without access to a computer/email may phone in reservations to 561 736-7704 ext 105.