Gate Access Website

External website.
You will exit the PVHOA website.
Instructions for using the guest entry system GATEACCESS.NET
(You can still use the phone in system at (561) 742-0255).

Click on the link below or go to your web browser and input: 
(Pop-up window)

Our unique community code is: PVB, which can be selected from the drop down list on the login page.
Your user name is set to the primary (or home) phone on file, and the password is the 4 or 5-digit code number (CODE) on file. Changes to the primary phone and/or code number reflect on the login immediately.
 (You have the option of having it remember the community code and user name). is tab based, which means that each piece of information is listed under its own tab.
Overview Contact Info Guest List Entry Logs Emergency Contacts Vacation Notification Resident Directory Login Information

The Overview page has a website overview and will even show your last login.
The Contact Info page allows owners to:
  • View Address on file
  • View Listed Owners/Occupants on file
  • Change their email addresses, phone numbers, guest arrival notification preferences
(Select the provider name of one or two cell phone numbers in order to get a text message when a guest arrives (in addition to email(s)).
The Guest List page allows you to ADD, DELETE or MODIFY guest information.
  • Clicking the “Add a New Guest” button will show an in-line form, into which you can enter the information of the expected guest. Dates are selected from drop-down calendar lists. When done, clicking the UPDATE button is necessary.
The Entry Log page shows the logged in owner all entries that were logged into his or her address.
  • Entries can be FILTERED by the owner by typing into the filter bar above the first entry. That will reduce the list to include only matching entries.
The Emergency Contact page allows you to input any emergency contacts you see fit to be on your list.
  • The Vacation Notification page allows input dates when you will be on vacation.
  • Whether it’s a week or 6 months, this is valuable information as it informs the gate. You should notify the office as well. This keeps everyone up to date!
The Resident Directory page is a list of all PV owners.
  • You may go in and update as much of your information as you would like. The blank box above each field enables you to search by Last Name, First Name, Address, Phone or Email.
  • This directory is not to be used for commercial purposes inside or outside of the community. It is intended solely for the non-commercial use by the residents. 
Our guards are not instructed to call you when a guest arrives if you have called them in, or used GATEACCESS to add them to your guest list. If you want to be called, you can fill in the box that says "instructions for the guard" with the words "please call".

Warning: If you try unsuccessfully 3 times to login, you will be locked out of the system for 1 hour.
This is a security feature.