Mission  of  Ponte  Vecchio's  Community Cable Television, Channel 63.
*Announce and Display the events and activities of Ponte Vecchio Clubs and HOA meetings.
*Provide coordination of administration,  managerial  and  social director's announcements.
*Promote,  coordinate,  administer  and  develop  Ponte Vecchio  activities,  live  shows  and
events as well as accommodating PV clubs,  their officers,  members and residents as well.
the  flagship  for  community  information  channels  in  the  state of  Florida.
With  the help and aid of  Barbie  Tannenholz  and  Mona  B.  Holtman ,  Joe  
was  able  to  develop a high  quality  standard  for  the  look  and  appeal of
Channel 63.   With  over  35  years  experience  in  advertising, radio and TV
commercials as well as graphic  arts and website designs,   Joe continues
to volunteer his time and services while admitting he enjoys the challenges
of  Ponte Vecchio  and  is  quite  at home in running the community channel.
Anyone interested in being part of the team is always welcome to contact
me for information and requirements.  Just click on the link below.
P V Clubs & Events